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International Conference Marketting in the 21st century has become dynamic and complex.The dawn of digital age has transformed Marketting all over the world.Digital technology has opened new channels of reach customers and sell products.It gives the customer more opportunities to explore any kind of product from anywhere at any time.But this environment also changing quickly as todays best technology is tomorrows obsolete technology.In this rapidly changing environment,business enterprise need to be innovative in reaching and engaging customers and to complete in the market.The shift from traditional to digital marketing has put immense pressure on business enterprise to understand their customers buying habits and behaviour better.This is changing the landscape of marketing in India.New rules are to be farmed in acquiring,engaging and retaining India consumer.With this backdrop,it is intened to seek Intellectual contributions of experts from industry,academia and research pertaining to Trends,Issues and Challenges in Digital marketing..

Chief Patrons : National Education Society @ , Shivamogga.
    # Name Designation Department Place
    1 Ajal Gaur Professor Department of Accounting Newark
    2 B.Nimalathasan Associate Professor & Vice Chair Department of Management & Global Business, Sri Lanka
    3 Dr. Huong Ha Professor School of Business Singapore
    4 Murli Rajan Kanla School of Management Scranton,PA
    5 Prof. Bethel Erastus-Obilo Professor Managerial Science USA
    6 Dr. Anand Director Research Department Oman
    7 Dr. R. Kasilingam Associate Professor Department of Management Studies Puducherry
    8 Dr. Kausik Gangopadhyay Associate Professor Fellow Program in Management Kozhikode
    9 Dr. M H Bala Subrahmanya Professor Management Studies Bangalore